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Our services (legal representation, legal negotiation, legal coaching, legal advice)

in person, by phone and online

Personal consultation

We will advise you personally and competently on your current situation and on possible next steps.

You may discuss your concerns with one of our advisors on site in the Rechtsatelier® in Zurich.

Telephone consultation

We will provide you with a quick and uncomplicated overview of your situation.

You may discuss your concerns with one of our consultants on the phone.

Online consultation

You can get your legal advisor to come to your home. 

We deliver customized legal advice to your home via videoconference. Connect online with one of our legal advisors with sound and vision and receive personalized advice for your concerns. Information and documents can be easily sent and shared via your chosen communication channel, guaranteeing efficient legal advice ‘made to measure’. You do not need any special software or equipment for this. A computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access is quite sufficient.

Initial consultation

personal and committed – on site/personally, by telephone or online –

We will provide you with a quick and uncomplicated overview of your situation and advise you personally and competently on possible next steps. In an initial meeting, our clients learn how we analyze situations and develop valuable solutions. Here you will be shown options for action, the next steps will be discussed and a rough cost estimate will be given.

The initial meeting takes place in a time frame of around 1 or 2 hours. The initial consultation can take place in person/on site at the legal studio, by telephone or online. The prices for the initial consultation can be found here. For further cooperation we also offer our services on site, by phone or online, the costs are listed in our price list.

You can reach us from Monday to Saturday from 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Consultation by appointment only. Make an appointment right away.

How it works:

Pay online in advance and you will receive an initial consultation (max. 120 minutes) with one of our consultants (consultation in German, French or English on request). Call us to make an appointment or book an appointment via our contact form.

Other Services

Legal advice

Following the initial consultation, we support and advise private individuals and entrepreneurs seeking solutions. We advise and accompany them in difficult decisions and different life situations from a legal and entrepreneurial point of view and together with them we develop valuable solutions.

Legal representation

We represent clients in various negotiation situations and, separately from the Swiss bar, in proceedings before authorities and courts.

Legal negotiation

Legal negotiation is a skill that aims to create added value for all parties. It relies on dialogue and conversation.

Legal negotiation is our daily business. We negotiate contracts and settlements for you together with your contractual partners. The principle of legal negotiation is to work towards consensus with all parties in potential and actual conflict situations and to develop solutions that are accepted by all parties. In dispute resolution, successful legal negotiations are often more efficient than mediations and court proceedings and can achieve holistic and sustainable results. Legal negotiation can be used in both out-of-court proceedings and during litigation.

Legal coaching

Legal coaching is a form of legal service developed by the Legal Studio. It is based on teamwork between the legal coach on the one hand and the client on the other. The coach usually takes an advisory, accompanying and supporting role, but does not act as a legal representative within the framework of legal coaching. Thus, the client retains the lead and decision-making authority.

Dispute Resolution / Mediation

We provide a neutral, independent, and confidential platform for two or more conflicting parties to relax and sustainably resolve disputes in a confidential and voluntary setting. In this dispute resolution process, the parties jointly select a person, who manages the conflict resolution process according to the rules of mediation and gives each party the opportunity to disclose their point of view and interests and to participate in clarifying the conflict – whereby the Conflict Resolution Manager can also mediate and shuttle back and forth between the parties online or in person, so that the parties do not necessarily have to meet in person. In this process, the conflict resolution manager develops balanced approaches to resolving the conflict that are viable for the parties and legally binding under a mediation contract.

Mediation is a proven alternative dispute resolution and is particularly suitable for conflicts that the parties cannot or do not want to resolve without outside help, e.g. when a continuing contractual relationship should not be unnecessarily burdened or when it is not practical to go to court or arbitration due to the complexity or extent of the conflict. In everyday life, mediation processes are regularly used successfully in professional life, such as in employment relationships and ongoing business relationships (commercial mediation), or in family conflicts and communities of heirs.

Legal project management

With the help of the legal project management we are able to provide legal services according to proven methods of process and project management.

The aim of the legal project management is to deliver the assignments with added value for the client. This is achieved by supplementing and optimizing the legal service with project and task planning, risk management, and cost and resource planning. Transparent communication also provides the client with a comprehensive overview of the service, allowing for greater predictability and planning certainty and assisting in decision-making.

The legal project management improves results and customer satisfaction.

Other legal services

The legal service providers of the Rechtsatelier are not registered with the Swiss bar and do not act as legal representatives within the bar system. We develop out-of-court solutions with our clients whenever possible.

We offer legal services for various life situations. We prepare legal documents, legal briefs, agreements, contractual documents and second opinions as well as any correspondence for our clients. We support, accompany and represent our clients in various situations in negotiations and discussions and are mediative and solution-oriented in the resolution of disputes.

Legal services for notarial acts

Where the law requires a notary, we advise you on the preparation for all notarial deeds, from the drafting of the legal document to the public notarization. If the visit to the notary does not have to be made in person, we will do it for you. Otherwise, we will accompany you to the extent you wish. In cooperation with a notary, we offer various legal services.