«Become a legal coach now! Legal coaching is a form of legal service developed by the Legal Studio. It is based on teamwork between the legal coach on the one hand and the client on the other. The coach usually takes an advisory, accompanying and supporting role, but does not act as a legal representative within the framework of legal coaching. Thus, the client retains the lead and decision-making authority.»

Interest-bearing personal loans as investment alternatives – Legal advice on the loan agreement

«… « It makes sense to seek legal advice first if there are questions about or disputes on the terms of a personal loan,” says Jean-Luc Delli, head of the Rechtsatelier. Parties can, for example,  change the loan contract and agree that the debtor will only (but still) repay part of the loan or repay it in instalments; that the lender will extend his payment period or that the interest rate will be reduced. This can be the case, for example, if the lender wants his money back within a few weeks in the case of an open-ended loan, but the debtor has invested the funds in a property or an equity fund. Such win-win solutions can hardly be achieved in court proceedings…»

Published in the print NZZ of 4 February 2022 (available online at: