Thick mail from the collection agency

Have you received an impudent collection bill? Or a bill for an amount you don’t even owe? Keep calm, but act quickly and seek advice. That way, you have the best chance of successfully fending off the attack.

Debt collection offices are overburdened and more and more collection agencies are specializing in the collection of money in order to collect actual or alleged debts. Can debtors who are being harassed only save themselves by paying? No, because an invoice does not constitute a claim. Only legally owed amounts are to be paid, so it pays to look and be persistent. If you pay a debt that is not owed, it will be difficult to recover the amount.

Register now for an initial consultation, we will support and accompany you and help you to successfully defend yourself against a debt collection attack. With the right legal steps we usually succeed in avoiding court and debt collection proceedings.

In an initial consultation, we analyze the facts and show you how to proceed. Depending on the factual and legal situation, we offer our legal services at fixed prices.

Possible legal services:

  • Legal analyses and second opinions
  • Defense against unjustified debt collection attacks and claims
  • Negotiation of competitive payment contracts
  • Defense in debt collection or court proceedings
  • Complaints and sanctions against debt collection companies

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