We focus on the customer.



Transparent costs

Our invoices for services are detailed with a clear break down of costs.

Cost control

Our clients are able to determine which services will be provided for them.

Value-added services

Our services should add value to our clients.

Consultations and meetings take place by phone, via Internet (video conference) or in person at the Rechtsatelier in Zurich.

Initial consultation

In the first consultation, we analyze the situation and provide the client with a first legal assessment. Then, we explore a possible course of action and develop valuable solutions. The initial consultation costs CHF 90 incl. VAT (up to 60 minutes) resp. CHF 180 incl. VAT (up to 120 minutes).

Legal service en bloc (Prepayment required)

en bloc, small: CHF 800
en bloc, large: CHF 1’600
en bloc instructed by customer: in agreement with customer

Further cooperation / tailored legal services

Legal representation, legal negotiation as well as legal services in relation to administrative and court proceedings (legal coaching, legal representation and legal assistance):
CHF 250 / hour incl. VAT or CHF 232.15 excl. VAT

Other legal services (legal advice, legal project management, etc.):
CHF 210 / hour incl. VAT resp. CHF 195 excl. VAT

Conflict Resolution Management / Mediation

Conflict resolution management and mediation between private persons (individuals, families and communities of heirs):
from CHF 300 / hour incl. VAT or CHF 278.55 excl. VAT

Conflict resolution management and mediation for companies (commercial mediation):
from CHF 350 / h incl. VAT resp. CHF 325.00 excl. VAT

Free advice and representation

To the extent possible and to enforce social justice we provide our services to customers in need either free of charge or at a reduced rate.

Rechtsatelier advises on a gender-neutral basis. The masculine form also includes the female form.