YOUR DIVORCE is your decision

Do you agree with your partner that your marriage has no future and that you want to divorce? Do you both want the court proceedings to be simple and the arrangement to be low-conflict and amicable?

We will be happy to advise you. With the right companion at your side, it can take less than four months from your decision to the court ruling, depending on the workload of the courts.

We will support you in this process, so that you can obtain a court decision in your hands without undue difficulties and in the fastest possible way, corresponding to your wishes and needs.

We will advise you on the preparation of the required  papers and will work with you to prepare the necessary documents to submit your divorce petition to the court. Furthermore, we can assist you with the divorce convention, property agreement and alimony agreement. We will coordinate the process for you and ensure a quick settlement.

We are happy to advise and accompany you. It is your divorce.

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